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Knothole Gang

Maury Wills Knothole Gang

The Maury Wills Knothole Gang is the official kids club of the F-M RedHawks and is open to all kids 3 to 13 years old 
Knothole gangs came about in the early part of the 1920s as professional ballparks were first being built with wooden fences. Kids without a ticket would find that the wooden fences surrounding the parks provided spy holes to watch the games for free. These holes were created when knots in the wood popped out. Naturally gangs of kids gathered around the knotholes. As a minor league baseball promotion, the Knothole Gang became a special ticket package for  children (usually no more than 12–14 years of age) sold in an effort to bring more families out to games. When the RedHawks franchise was started in 1996, team executives deceided to honor the term by naming the kids’ club “RedHawks Knothole Gang” and renamed later after Dodgers legend and RedHawks announcer Maury Wills.
Membership includes:
  • Commemorative membership credential and lanyard
  • Kids Club Kit, which includes:
    • Drawstring Backpack Autograph Book
    • Collectable Series Magnet
    • "Color-Me" Magnet
    • RedHawks Temporary Tattoos
  • Youth General Admission Voucher good for  any seven (7) home games during 2022 regular season
  • 10% members' discount on RedHawks birthday party packages
  • Special Knothole Gang day at Thunder Road Family Fun Park (June 13th)
  • Birthday card from Hawkeye and the RedHawks
  • Knothole Gang baseball camp at Newman Outdoor Field (July 23rd)


Membership Cost: $20


To register your child for the Maury Wills Knothole Gang, please call (701) 478-9203 or contact the RedHawks via email.


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