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When is Opening Day?

Opening Day for the 2020 American Association Regular Season is set for July 3. The RedHawks will start at home at Newman Outdoor Field against the Winnipeg Goldeyes. First pitch is scheduled for 7:02 p.m.


What measures will the RedHawks take at Newman Outdoor Field to provide a clean and healthy environment for the fans?

Newman Outdoor Field has been working with a group of partners and leaders in their respective industries to implement a plan for the stadium that will ensure it meets and exceeds the guidelines provided by the CDC, North Dakota Department of Health and Fargo Cass Public Health. Hand sanitizing stations, plastic shields, masks, enforced distance between fans, and other measures will all be in effect. Additionally, the Bell Bank Playground will remain closed for the duration of the 2020 season.


When the ballpark re-opens, will there be attendance restrictions?

Newman Outdoor Field will operate with attendance restrictions for the 2020 season. The stadium will operate at a maximum capacity of around 50% attendance with extensive precautions taken to abide by social distancing guidelines. We can assure you that we will adhere to any and all state and local government restrictions, and will follow the guidance provided by the CDC, North Dakota Department of Health and Fargo Cass Public Health. Ensuring the health and safety of our fans, players, coaches, staff and community neighbors is our top priority and will guide our decision making process. 


Will you require fans to wear a mask?

We want everyone to feel as safe and comfortable as possible when enjoying a game at Newman Outdoor Field. Currently, local, state, and federal authorities recommend that people wear masks when going out in public, so we encourage all fans to abide by these guidelines. We will take all necessary precautions and provide our guests with various disinfectant and sanitizing stations around the ballpark, and if you would like to bring your own health related items to the ballpark please feel free to do so. All bags will be checked before you can enter Newman Outdoor Field. All RedHawks staff members will be required to wear masks.


How will tickets work?

All tickets will be sold as general admission, with rows of seats closed off and a four-seat (six foot) gap in place between groups to ensure fans are a safe distance apart from each other. Your ticket allows you to sit anywhere in the stadium that you feel comfortable. Gates will open an hour before first pitch so that fans will have plenty of time to find a seat and settle in before the start of the game. Please be courteous to all those around you by keeping a safe distance and following all relevant safety guidelines. 


Does limited capacity mean I could get turned away at the gate even if I have a ticket? 

With current regulations in place, every other row in each seating section will be closed. There will be spacing within each row to ensure social distancing. The purchase of a General Admission ticket may not guarantee the fan a seat, but it will guarantee admission into Newman Outdoor Field. Updates will be provided on RedHawks social media when tickets sold are nearing capacity to help inform fans planning on attending the game.


When will the RedHawks Ticket Office be open? 

The RedHawks Ticket Office is open Monday-Friday from 9:00am-6:00pm. Beginning July 3rd, the Ticket Office will be open daily from 9:00am until the end of that day's game and Mondays from 9:00am-6:00pm throughout the season.


How can I get a handicap ticket?

To request handicap seating, please contact the Ticket Office at 701-235-6161. Handicap seats are not available to purchase online.


Will the Winnipeg Goldeyes be playing home games at Newman Outdoor Field?

Due to difficulties in repeat crossings of the Canada-U.S. border as a result of COVID-19-related restrictions, the Winnipeg Goldeyes will play home games at Newman Outdoor Field this summer. This will also mean that the RedHawks will play as the visiting side at their home stadium 12 times this summer.


Will ticket prices for Winnipeg home games at Newman Outdoor Field differ from normal RedHawks pricing?

All games at Newman Outdoor Field this summer will follow the same ticket protocol and pricing. The price for all tickets will remain at $10 in advance and $12 on the day of the game for all American Association games at Newman Outdoor Field this summer.


Will concession stands be open? What safety measures will be taken in Newman Outdoor Field’s concession stands?

Concession stands will be open with enhanced safety and cleaning precautions. Newman Outdoor Field is working with Fargo Sports Concessions LLC and all other stadium food and beverage vendors and has developed a COVID-19 plan following the guidance of the CDC, which considers technological improvements, operational adjustments (line spacing, stations), culinary strategies (enhanced kitchen sanitization, prepackaging and optimized menus) updated service approaches (grab-n-go, self-service), and staffing (mandatory operation protocols and COVID-19 related training). No sunflower seeds or peanuts will be allowed inside the stadium or sold at the concession stands during the 2020 season. 


Will the Beer Garden be open? Will there be a designated smoking section?

The Beer Garden will be open for fans to enjoy a cold one while watching the game. The 3rd Base Picnic Area — the grassy area behind the beer garden — will be the only designated smoking area at Newman Outdoor Field. There is no re-entry for smokers.


What happens if I purchased a ticket for a game that was previously scheduled?

RedHawks staff will/has reached out to those who have purchased a ticket for a home game that is no longer being played. We will offer various options for ticket buyers, including exchanging tickets for any 2020 or 2021 regular season home game. To exchange tickets, contact the RedHawks Ticket Office at 701-235-6161.


What happens if I purchased season tickets?

RedHawks Season Ticket Holders will receive tickets to all 60 games at Newman Outdoor Field — including all RedHawks and Winnipeg Goldeyes games — and a $25 RedHawks gift card. 

Additionally, your 2021 RedHawks Season Ticket deposit will be covered by the RedHawks, a $50 value for standard season ticket holders and a $100 value for premium season ticket holders. The RedHawks Season Ticket exchange program will be honored for all 60 games played at Newman Outdoor Field. Season ticket holders can start picking up their tickets on Wednesday, July 1st at 10:00am. Due to enhanced COVID-19 restrictions and precautions to ensure fan safety, all tickets for the 2020 season will be general admission, first come first served, with no assigned seating. To secure your season tickets, please contact the RedHawks Ticket Office at 701-235-6161.


What if I have a Flex Pack? 

All 2020 RedHawks Flex Packs will be honored during both the 2020 and 2021 seasons. Anyone with a physical voucher can redeem their tickets by contacting the RedHawks Ticket Office at 701-235-6161. Paperless Flex Pack holders can redeem their vouchers online at 


What if I have a 2020 ticket voucher? Or a 2020 gift certificate? What do I do if I have Hawkbucks?

All 2020 ticket vouchers will be honored for both the 2020 and 2021 season. Vouchers can be redeemed by contacting the RedHawks Ticket Office at 701-235-6161. Current Hawkbucks will be honored for the 2020 and 2021 season. 


What if my organization purchased group tickets and a meal, but that game is not being played?

A RedHawks group representative will be in contact to work out a new date. If a new date can’t be accommodated during the 2020 season, we will work with you to secure a date for the 2021 season once that schedule becomes available (usually in October or November). If you have questions regarding your scheduled group outing, please contact the RedHawks Front Office at 701-235-6161.


Will we be allowed to get autographs from players?

There will be no scheduled autograph sessions and players will not be made available for autographs. 


Where can I get the promotional schedule? Are you doing fireworks? 

Due to the abbreviated 2020 schedule, the RedHawks are still evaluating promotional opportunities and will post updates on social media and if/when more information becomes available.

Can I bring food or beverages into Newman Outdoor Field? 

Refillable water bottles will be allowed inside Newman Outdoor Field. Food items for those with dietary restrictions will be allowed inside the stadium. No sunflower seeds or peanuts will be allowed during the 2020 season. Everyone entering Newman Outdoor Field is subject to be searched before entering the premises.


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