One of the loudest and craziest characters in the Red River Valley, SuperFan can be found on the field emceeing and running around Newman Outdoor Field interacting with the fans during RedHawks games.

He’s known for his goofiness, crowd interaction, loud cheers and the infamous ‘stadium rollercoaster’! If you cheer loud enough, you may be lucky and get him to toss you one of his signature headbands. SuperFan loves to get fans to have as much fun as he does at every RedHawks game. 


Debut: May 25, 2015
Favorite Song: Let’s Go Crazy
Favorite Movie: The Notebook
Interests: Traveling with family, Baseball, Meeting fans, Signing autographs, Doing dugout push-ups every time the RedHawks score
Follow SuperFan on TikTok: SuperFanDoesTikTok





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