Hawkeye’s Bookworms Reading Program


2023 marks the 16th year of Hawkeye’s bookworm program, which has encouraged and rewarded over 200,000 kids in the region to read books. Hawkeye and the RedHawks are excited to have you, and your classroom is a part of this exciting year of reading. For a baseball fan like Hawkeye the off-season and winter months can get a little boring, so why not put the extra effort into not only exercising our bodies but also our minds? Hawkeye knows that reading is a gateway to learning, exploring, and becoming a successful member of our surrounding communities.

The purpose of ‘Hawkye’s Bookworms’ is to encourage kids to read with a program that mixes fun prizes, community support, and interesting themes for students to partake in. Hawkeye is excited for so many new and familiar friends to be returning to the program.


Hawkeye’s Bookworms is a four-week-long reading program that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each participating classroom. Each week, you will set a reading goal for your students to reach, as each goal is up to you to decide. You will use the enclosed tracking sheet and scorecard to help track each student’s progress. Students will be rewarded weekly once they reach each level over the course of the program.

SINGLE (1st Base): Erbert and Gerbert’s Kids Meal Voucher
DOUBLE (2nd Base): Culver’s Free Scoopies Voucher
TRIPLE (3rd Base): Applebee’s Kids Meal Voucher
HOME RUN: RedHawks General Admission Ticket Voucher

To kick off the program, you will receive a video link from Hawkeye and his assistants, explaining the Bookworms program to students.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact 
Teresa Mattson, Community Relations Director 
email · 701-478-9206
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