MOORHEAD, MNThe American Association of Professional Baseball has named Rapsodo as the Official Technology Partner of the league. The collaboration will bring Rapsodo’s current and future technology, education, analytics support, and testing access to the American Association and highlight the talent within the league.
As part of the collaboration, Rapsodo is providing the American Association with its HITTING 2.0 and PITCHING 2.0 units used by all 30 MLB teams and will administer Certified RapScores for all players in the league to help identify strengths and weaknesses and put a number to players’ performance.

This first-of-its-kind partnership is the American Association’s first foray into leaguewide data analytics capture and will be immensely helpful in providing benchmarks in player development and performance. Rapsodo will also provide all American Association players free access to RapScore – the first standardized test that calculates a score to rank player performance at all levels.RapScoreprovides players with quantifiable metrics used by scouts for player evaluation and are available on Rapsodo’s National Player Database .

“We developed Rapsodo’s technology to help athletes reach their full potential. Our data-driven tools highlight existing talent, while also identifying areas to enhance performance for both players and coaches alike,” said Batuhan Okur, founder andCEOofRapsodo. “Our team is excited to help showcase the immense talent and range of players within the American Association with this groundbreaking partnership while continuing our mission to make Rapsodo’s technology accessible to players of all levels.”

“The American Association of Professional Baseball contains high-level professional, hard-working players that perform at Triple A levels, and having the opportunity to now showcase this through data is revolutionary for our league,” said American Association Commissioner Joshua Schaub. “This partnership with Rapsodo now enables our league to provide our players with the tools, data and development requested to improve performance. We are excited to take things to the next level for not only our players, but our fans as well. This partnership further cements the American Association’s position as a premier MLB Partner League.”

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